StayTeen: Helping Youths Prepare Informed Decisions Regarding Their Future


The 411: Since 2006, has become the no. 1 site for kids, motivating them to take pleasure in their youthfulness and come up with life’s greatest selections, like when to have intercourse, once they’re positively prepared, with a revamped appearance, they’re performing that much better than ever before.

Whenever teens wish someplace to attend discover more about sex, maternity, interactions and so on, they don’t really check-out government sites. They demand a location of their own, and that is exactly why was formed.

For the past nine decades, Stay teenage is the go-to reference for adolescents, a unique i’m all over this the online world simply for all of them where they’re able to get details that deals with the issues they love one particular without which makes them feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Today, Stay teenage is actually debuting a fresh appearance and some amazing features, with a major focus getting well quality content.

“We’re actually excited about it because we have now learned such by what all of our audience desires, and we’ve specifically put a focus on community,” mentioned Jessica Sheets Pika, movie director of marketing and sales communications. “we understand youngsters like to talk about this stuff, but in someplace that’s as well as non-judgmental, therefore we made a proper work on targeting letting teenagers to touch upon generating a place where they can ask countless concerns and watch answers.”

Remain teenage’s users vary in ages from 13 to 17, although website conforms their articles according to get older amount and scenario. Consistent with this theme, Stay teenage will give you a lot more material that’s written by adolescents, including topics like staying away from maternity unless you’re ready, developing healthier relationships, working with breakups and a lot more.

“all those conditions that cope with gender, connections, matchmaking and any such thing under that huge umbrella is actually that which we mention, and we also make an effort to consider doing it such that is really teen-friendly,” Sheets Pika stated.

We talked with Sheets Pika to obtain additional details by what the newest site involves, also the successful sources keep Teen consistently offer.

Placing teenagers when you look at the driver’s seat

While keep teenage’s top article is “could i have a baby If…?” this new site will take care of an even bigger range of subjects, like the risks of non-safe sex, how to decide on ideal kind of birth prevention for you and how to discuss those problems with your physician.

“That article features actually shown you which our target is actually exploring gender and their sexuality, and they’re undecided just what effects are with this particular behavior,” Sheets Pika said.

But not all things are modifying.

Stay Teen still has some great attributes having long been very helpful to its audience, including their Health Center Finder that will help kids locate doctors nearby together with Method Explorer which enables teens to learn about different forms of contraceptive and which might work good for all of them.

“We believe this is really helpful to teens because a lot of the time, they do not want their particular parents knowing they’re getting contraception, so that they are making an effort to decide someplace capable go which is low-cost, non-judgmental several place they can stroll or bus to,” she stated. “Our purpose will be place kids from inside the motorist’s chair with teaching themselves on various kinds of practices. The message is actually we desire that enjoy she or he decades and wait intercourse and soon you’re actually ready, that might imply when you’re more mature.”

Connecting the difference between teenagers and parents

From of use services to enjoyable games to collaborative activities, just like the 14th Annual nationwide time to avoid teenage Pregnancy that motivates folks to think about how an unexpected maternity would transform their unique everyday lives, adolescents and parents as well are provided with countless reliable information through remain teenage.

“teenagers are discovering things that they didn’t otherwise discover, and many more significantly, they’re writing on the site through its friends, and their men and, truth be told, with their parents,” Sheets Pika mentioned. “All of our goal will be have more open and honest talks among kids and parents.”

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Date: ตุลาคม 3, 2022